Hiking Bond

A story that unfolded not by accident, but through a bond. A bond formed through hiking that has become so much more. Now lets take you down what the bond is all about.

The Start

It was the evening of August 1st, the next day I had a group trip planned to Mt. San Antonio Falls and had been many fires in area. I sent a message to Michelle cause I had seen she had been there recently to see if the trail was open. The response was this gorgeous photo of her at the falls.

When they fell in Love
(Sept 20th)

Over the first month mostly direct messaging had been taking place, but the bond was growing tighter. They had hiked once but was really just a innocent meet up but the real beginning of the bond started Sept, 20th 2020.

After Michelle discovered the protein water on her BMW she called Steve who had been waiting in upper parking lot for her. That call changed the course of both their lives.

Meeting up

Shortly after Sept 20th, 2020 the bond started to grow quick. And a big part of it was this meet up at Anza Hotel in Calabasas.

Thrills and Adventure Pursue

Things have moved fast and the bond has grown stronger and stronger since that initial hike. The two have done tons of fun and exciting things together. And have a passion for a lot of same things (Hiking, Fitness, Food, Shopping, Car Cardio). The chemistry and bond is just off the charts and who knows what these two will be up to next.

Year 2022
(16 months since meeting)

On Sunday December 2nd we saw each other after a nine days. We saw each other on the Thursday before Christmas but had to wait until I got back from Hawaii. It was a long nine days as we didn’t get to see each other on Christmas or the new year. Since this time was particularly tough on us we were both very much looking forward to our day together. This day the love was overflowing like molten lava from a volcano. We even made love on a rock that was most likely made from a volcano millions of years ago. Before we did that we had an incredible love making session in the car which even brought me to tears a few rounds in.
For myself; I missed you so much during Christmas time and the vacation, I was filled with so much emotion giving and receiving such an intense amount of love and passion. It seems like it feels what being in a dry dessert, thirsty as can be and then drinking from the most delicious tall glass of perfect water. You being the the water.
The kisses were deeply moving and the love making was even more passionate than usual. Feeling your touch all over me is the most incredible sensation…add the kisses, the licks, and then the enter course…and it’s like time stops and all that matters is you…is us.
I got lost in our love on this day…
It was so especially incredible
I want to never forget it.

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Thank you

"Don't you ever STOP"

The Start

It started out all so innocent from August 1st Steve sending a late night DM to Michelle to ask if San Antonio Falls was open. They talked for awhile and exchanged some photos and seem to really hit it off right off the bat. So much so that Michelle asked Steve if he would lke to go back on that hike the very next day. The first hike did not take place that next week but rather 4 weeks later. But they chatted everyday on Instagram that entire month between first DM and first meet up.The first meetup came at Switzer Falls on September 1st exactly one month after first chatting. This day they spent all day together hiking completely off the grid from everyone else. Michelle and Steve seemed to get along well and really trust one another. Some key highlights that stood out to me that day was saving Michelle from falling down the hill, catching her in my arms over and ovrer as she jumped off rocks, and the hug that she gave me at Chipotle after the hike.


The 1st date was actually not a date but just a meet up at Switzer Falls on September 1st of 2020. This was a hike that was more about getting to know each other more and maybe lead to being hiking buddies.

Our first getaway trip AZ, this was a romantic dinner at Dominics. Only our 2nd dinner date at this point and we even got to stay the night with each other. Was an incredible dreamy trip.

Feb Sat 5th & Sun 6th 2022
We drove to San Diego. This was a weekend that you planned to celebrate my birthday. After we checked into the room, I pulled out the lingerie & toys I brought. You made love to me. It was a hot sex session, and it was so great to lay in a bed with you. We got to be in different positions we don't usually get a chance to be in when we're in the car. After that you took me out on the town to show me around SD. We went back to the room, had another love sesh then I took a bath with salts & candles before we got ready for our night out. It was so nice to be around you in the room, to see you get dressed and get ready for the night. After I got dressed up in a little black dress & my black heels, we took some pictures, drank some caffeine and went out to the dinner you planned. The restaurant was so close to the room & you mentioned how perfect that turned out. We got to "The Huntress" and it had such a nice vibe, was contemporary and classy. It was so great to sit next to you on the coach of the corner booth type table we had. I loved being able to sit super close, hold hands and take pics with you. I really liked the beet and enclave salad, so much so that I ordered two of them. We both ordered filet mignon. The ambiance was very nice. The dessert was super special as it came out as a mushroom under a glass bell jar and is called the "Magic Mushroom" dessert. It was the most creative dessert I had ever seen. It was actually a fancy pb&j sandwich. The presentation was magical. After dinner we took some pics in the restaurant bathroom in which the hand washing station was co-ed. I liked the lighting and the pics and was taking some while you used the restroom. I loved how we looked together, as always. We are extra cute dressed up together. After dinner we went back to the room for an epic love making fest. I recorded it and it was my first time playing it back and hearing myself climax. It was so fun and erotic. I had put a pink lingerie that you bought me on. You took some pictures of me before we got to it. After we were tired but you got us up to go back out. We went to "the Shout House" and a club. Dancing with you is so much fun, absolutely love it. The Shout House was also so much fun and was my first time at a piano bar. We didn't get much sleep, as you woke me up a couple of times to put me on you...which is such an incredible turn on for me.
In the morning we made breakfast and made our way out to our hike adventure. We stopped at the Julian Apple Pie co., got gas where you filmed me dancing sexy and silly while pumping gas to the song "Big Energy" by Latto. We went to the Three Sisters Falls Trail located in San Diego's Cleveland National Forest. It was nice, and not long which was perfect for us to spend more time doing other things together. We ate at Liberty Staion on Saturday and sunday after the hike we went to Seaside market in Cardiff by the sea. We had a wonderful car cardio session before we both went home. It was another incredible weekend get a way. You made my birthday so special, so fun, so memorable, so full of romance.

Favorite Photos

Probably my favorite photo of them all because this was the first time Michelle sent me a photo like this. It was the night of our first kiss.

This one is meaningful because it had become my Whatsapp photo and I knew Michelle liked how I was like Clark Kent that I always had outfit changes when we went hiking.

Secret Vault

Special Stuff that we do for each other

Christmas Letter 2021

Dear Steve, December 17, 2021
This is our second Christmas time “together” and it has been a very special time. I feel a great amount of affection and so many wonderful feelings of love for you. Although you are not completely “mine” in every way, I feel connected to you in a deep way that makes me feel like you are “mine” in many ways. Your love has touched me in a very deep place. There’s something so very moving in my spirit about the way your love feels. I feel your love in a way that I have never felt another mans love before. Just the thought of you makes me so happy.
Thank you so much for giving me the love of a lifetime. Thank you so much for making me feel so good. Thank you so much for igniting a fire inside me. This fire you have started is now burning so deep.
I hope that you know my love.
I hope that you feel my love.
I hope you feel the fiery passion that I have for you…deep inside.
This Christmas I want you to know that I constantly wish that you and I could do all the fun holiday things.
For now I’ll settle for what time you can give me.
I love you.
I want you.
I yearn for you.
I adore you…
Merry Christmas, love
Michelle xoxoxo
I bought these items for you for Christmas so that you’ll have them to wear when we go out. I hope that you save them for us to have some dates. I hope that you’ll wear them when we get to go places.